Beyza Giyim was founded in 2002; initially we started working in a private Workshop, a small shop in the Fatih area in Istanbul, and then thanks to the advice of loyal customers, the company quickly increased the number of customers; our Company today serves about 700 dealers in Turkey, and has 10 stores. Our productS reach nearly 70 countries. Our company has become one of the giant sectors in producing and designing thousands of categories of gowns, dresses, evening dresses, coats, trenches, tunic, and sets with pants and children's clothing (ages 7 to 14 years) lt operates without giving up its Islamic legal conditions.



Beyza will continue its production using advanced innovations, and through our stores, we will continue to be in touch with companies that sell our products to customers throughout Turkey. Through its new branches, website and international exhibitions, it will continue to serve wider sectors and be a leader in this field.



Since its establishment, the company has gained fame with its innovations, models, original designs, motifs, embroidery, and types of fabrics. All our designs have been based on the standards of "Islamic dress'. With appreciation and support from the environment which our company serves, it will continue to evolve and deliver everything new while maintaining its luster.







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